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Blanchiment des dents, radiographies digitales et technologie E4D

Teeth Whitening, Digital Radiography and E4D Technology

Dr. Laplante is always looking out for the latest technological advances in dentistry. When you make an appointment with Alexandria Dental Clinic, you will get multiple benefits:

  • Digital radiography with 90% less X-rays

  • Teeth whitening on site and personal whitening kit available

  • E4D technology for rapid manufacturing of veneers and crowns

What Is E4D Technology?

Unlike traditional dentistry services, E4D technology allows the manufacture of veneers and esthetic crowns in one visit! E4D assisted dental restoration works like this:

  • A digital scan is taken of your tooth in your mouth

  • Final restoration created virtually

  • Information routed to the milling station

  • Production of ceramic crowns and veneers in minutes

After that, your dentist will make any adjustments and polish the final restoration. It will be ready for you on the same day!

To learn more about our dental treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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